Saturday, September 25, 2010

Restructuring of the iPhone Courses starting from November 2010

Based on the various feedbacks from the industry as well as the experiences gained from running my iPhone courses for the past 1.5 years, I will be restructuring my series of iPhone courses to meet the needs of the industry. These are the changes, which in my opinion, will better prepare a developer to tackle the ever changing challenges of being an iOS developer. Over the next couple of days, I will be releasing the detailed list of topics. But for now, here are the new courses lined up for November:

1. Foundation of iPhone Programming (2 days). There will be no changes to this popular course. Aspiring iPhone/iPad developers should take this course to get a jump-start on iOS programming. As most of the topics center around iPhone, the course title still uses the iPhone name to better reflect the focus of the course. iPad developers who do not have any experience with Xcode and Objective C should get started with this course first.
Date: 22-23 Nov 2010

2. Programming iPhone User Interfaces (1 day). This is a new course that tackles the more tricky issues of iPhone UI Programming. It goes beyond the basic view controllers that participants learn in the foundation course. This course is designed to give developers a more detailed understanding of the various ways to build iPhone UIs by combining the various view controllers.
Date: 24 Nov 2010

3. Advanced iOS Programming (2 days). This is an advanced course that covers topics that relates to location-based services and network programming. The previous two courses - iPhone LBS Programming and iPhone Network Programming, are now subsumed into this course. Besides, LBS and network programming, this course will also include advanced topics such as local notifications, security, developing Universal applications (for iPad and iPhone), and more. In summary, this course will offer you the knowledge to develop truly compelling apps!
Date: 25-26 Nov 2010

I hope this will give you a better idea of the series of iPhone course as well as provide you with a smoother journey to iPhone stardom!

Please note that all courses are in Singapore.

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