Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Build Web Apps for iPhone using Dashcode

So far, much mobile developer attention has been fixated on the iPhone SDK released by Apple to build native iPhone applications. This is understandable, since with the SDK you can write native iPhone apps that take full advantage of the capabilities provided by the device, such as accessing the accelerometer, the camera, as well as obtain geographical locations using Core Location.

However, building Web applications for the iPhone has advantages too. For example, there is no need to wait for approval from Apple, as in the case of hosting the applications in AppStore. Also, the tools provided by Apple makes it very easy to build Web applications that look just like native iPhone applications. And when it comes to developers' skill-sets, developing Web applications is far easier than building native applications - all you need is some Javascript skills and you are ready to go!

In this article, I will take you through the Dashcode tool provided by Apple (part of the iPhone SDK; hence you need to download it first) to build compelling Web applications for the iPhone.

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