Thursday, September 03, 2009

iPhone Training on a Cruise Liner?

Fancy learning how to program your iPhone onboard a cruise liner?

For a long time, I have this dream of conducting the iPhone training course on board a cruise liner. But reality always come down hard on my dream.

"Are you crazy? My boss won't pay me to holiday!!!"

"Times are bad, I don't have the money to go for courses, let alone cruises!"

"Will we have the mood to study, or will we be too distracted by the activities on the cruise?"

Yes, I know these are the questions that are currently running through your heads now. And in this time of economic uncertainty, it is definitely something that takes very serious consideration.

And that's why I am polling your opinions on this. I have this in mind:

* plan your holidays with your family together with this course. That way, your family can holiday while you can also enjoy and learn at the same time. If you always wanted to come to Singapore, this is your perfect reason!

* the interesting thing about learning onboard a cruise liner is that it is fun! And we can stretch out the learning period flexibly. You can enjoy while learning at the same time.

* the ideal period is during the Nov/Dec period, where it coincides with the school holidays

Still not convinced of the viability of this, see this.

And so, send me your crazy ideas of whether this will work or not. All ideas are welcome!


kath said...

The absolute best conference I've gone on was on a Cruise ship. Precisely because of the lack of distractions.

I actually do recommend it as long as you pick a smaller ship, plan the training so that it doesn't conflict with activities and especially stops at ports -- that means that your ship doesn't have a lot of activities.

One thing we did do was to have reserved tables for the conferences goers in the evening, and we spent our dinner discussing the day.

Wei-Meng Lee said...

Thanks for the comments! Absolutely, I think training on the ship is actually a good way to relax and learn at the same time. Not to mention that it is fun! The only problem is how to convince your boss that you are going for a training and not just a cruise. One way would be to get your boss to pay for the training while you pay for the cruise package. That way, bosses would not be too concerned. Just a thought!